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A new concept to be able to exchange meat with fellow hunters. Offering like for like meat so a Kg of for a Kg  of something else.                                  
Both users will need to be members.Please check that you both are.


No sales as this will break the UK game laws.


We have a worldwide connection  for this idea, tribes have been doing this for centuries so it will be a trust basis. This is why all members will need to register on site, using Facebook, and will be subject to admin approval.Please follow this link and the power of the internet does all the work.Register

Once registered please shoot us a message via our contact page. Contact

Please leave the following information.

  • Type of meat for offer.
  • Quantity of meat available.
  • Your address
  • Your Phone number.
  • Your email.
  • A good time to contact you.
  • And what meat you would swap for.
  • How far you could travel.
  • Fresh or frozen.

As you can see from the examples below it will look like a classified advert. but we will do the work for you and check once a week with you if the ad is to remain live.


So we will gladly accept genuine ads for this and users will have to be registered members of the diary,
As an example an add would read as follows.

User ads will only be visible to members.

Adam smith, Bristol. Wild Boar meat,Frozen various cuts swap for fallow meat. 15 miles          after 6pm.07812345678

John Doe, Birmingham. Red Deer leg meat dice Fresh, swap for Muntjac meat.20 miles no m6 services         07812355558 no reply please leave voice mail.

Terry Smith, New Market. Wild Boar meat Frozen, various cuts swap for Wildfowl meat. 15 miles 07532345678 after 1pm.

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We the diary are not responsible for any meetings between members of this group and are excluded from any legal bindings held between members.

Meeting a possible stranger is at user risk and please meet in a public well lit area. We will look into any complaint to allow our records to be amended.

Only send messages to people you are interested in dealing with
Be friendly and kind to others
Report any concerns to our moderators
Respect others’ opinions and decisions
Don’t ‘spam’ a number of people with the same message

Don’t be rude, lewd or offensive

Don’t use fake, outdated or modified details
Don’t stand for abuse
Don’t provoke or harass people

All meat to be safe and fit for human consumption.

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