This is the home of Diary Media, a fresh new PR firm with old school values. Gone are the days of you handing your business over to a huge corporate firm, only to be lost in the tech world. Come and join us, a small firm with a big heart.

We are here to promote you, not us. From bespoke crafts to field sports items, we can help you get noticed through the power of social media – working with you instead of against you.

We value your views and knowledge in your chosen fields and understand the PR side of the Internet, and your customers.

We aim to use the social side of the Internet to our full advantage, not just 1 or 2 sites, but many – as we run a handful of Facebook pages and groups. In addition to Twitter and Instagram accounts and much, much more, using a mix of working reviews and practical demos to brand your products across the WWW, reaching more audience faster and easier.


From sales to IT we are experienced in all aspects, so if you need to promote individual items or a job lot to get it out, to your customers, we can handle it all.

We also co-own between us 6 websites so that’s even more PR for your company.


The team is as follows:




Sales guru and, our media consultant.

From selling snow to the Eskimos, to telling it like it is.

Author, writer and countryman of the old school; his handshake is golden.

Growing up in farming and field sports family on one side and a city family on the other, I got to see both sides of the fence. With all my city friends I grew up in one of the roughest places in Bristol and really was a little scaly wag, but then there was my Pappy (granddad) , my Dad and Uncle Dave – all countrymen of the old school. It was the allure of mother nature that pulled me away from my city playground.  A passion began in me for all field sports, right from my first outing ferreting at 2, well almost 3 years old



Website and graphic design, strong and classy with a ladies touch.

My name is Ellie and I shouldn’t be here. A chancer, a joker, a wildcard. This wasn’t meant to be. Three years ago I nearly died in a freak accident. Through field sports I have reclaimed my life from the brink of death and built my way back up, developing my knowledge and experience in both the field sports world and within the IT sector. From fly fishing, to web design, to fly tying and deer stalking, there’s nothing I can’t put my hand to and excel within. My passion is venison and coding, with a fine eye for detail in both the field and in front of the computer.



Sales, PR editor and fixer – the guy who sets it all up.


Raised in the back woods of Cornwall. But always going forward in this technology-fed world, from Mobiles and tablets, to PC’s and servers; I play with them all and bend them to our needs.

Greg grew up on farms, as his Dad sold farm machinery, whilst his Mum worked in the local hospital kitchen. A passion for fine food flared as he learnt to cook for his hard working family and later became a City and Guilds qualified chef -pushing nearly 25 years in service. From simple cafes, to gourmet pubs and Michelin star dinning.

But a true country-boy at heart, he always knew his roots are intertwined with Mother Nature.  Greg learnt tracking, hunting, and woodman-ship, from a young age, honing his skills and interest.

And still tracks down a good deal today.


So we have a great team here to help promote your business to the max.

Using our mantra of:

New School Rules ~ Old School Values.

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